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Mount Ararat Tour 6 Days

    Mount Ararat Tour 6 Days

    Mount Ararat Tour 6 Days

    1-Van, ığdır or agri city airport welcome and hotel.
    2-Mount ararat 3200 camp
    3-Acclimatization adaptation to climate 3200 camps
    4- We are going to second camp  4200 night camp
    5- Mount Ararat summit day and return to Doğubayazıt hotel
    6- Flying from Van, Ağrı or Iğdır airports to Istanbul.

    Day 1: Welcoming guests at the Van, Kars or Igdır airports and going to the hotel in Dogubayazit. Having dinner and resting at the hotel.


    Day 2: Departure to Mount Ararat at 7:30 in the morning. Arriving to the Ele or Çevirme Villages that are at 2200 meters by car and then to the first campsite (3200) after four or six hours of walking (approx. 7 km). Camping there and eating dinner.


    Day 3: Adaptation to the altitude: After breakfast, to start hiking at 09:00 a.m. Arriving to the second campsite that is at 4200 meters after four or five hours of walking and returning to the first camp that is at 3200 meters after an hour of rest.


    Day 4: After breakfast, to start hiking for the second campsite at 09:00. Arrival to the second campsite after four or five hours of walking. Camping and resting at 4200 meters (Second campsite). Eating dinner and then resting for the summit walk.


    Day 5: Starting to hike to the summit at 2:30 in the morning. Arrival to the summit after five or six hours of walking. Taking pictures and then returning to the second camp (4200 m). After an hour of rest, going to the first camp (3200 m). After an hour of rest in the first camp, too, departure for the hotel that ‘s in Dogubayazit. After taking a shower, set off for a trip to Ishak Pasha Palace. Eating dinner and returning to the hotel after the trip.


    6. Day :  Taking the guests to Van, Kars or Igdır airports in the morning.


    Performed Services

    1- Mountain guide

    2- Mount Ararat permit fee ... $

    3- Airport transfers for arrival and departure

    4- Overnight accommodation and breakfast during the tour

    5- Cold / hot food and drink on the mountain during the tour

    6- Supplies

    7- sleeping tent

    8- crampons

    9- Mules and porters for material transfer

    10- Tour and summit certificate

    For More details and  requests and, in order to complete your reservation and process necessary permit or visa assistance please contact us.